Unique, Custom Cartoon Family Portraits

Then, being able to top up my income with a part-time job in

my local primary school, I found that the children loved my sketches. l decided to switch greetings cards for badge and keyring creation, displaying my cartoon designs. My

'Badge-ewelled' products are still selling very successfully,

and I have a sister-site for them too.


Having been asked to paint a library wall mural at the school that I work in (a first for me!), this led to the idea of a family tree … and so The You Tree was born (or 'sown'?!), with my then 12-year-old daughter thinking up the clever name!





Here, at my little haven I call 'The You Tree HQ', The You Tree now creates unique and endearing prints, on top quality paper and using professional quality printing.


All original images have been hand-drawn by myself (hence

the consistent style), then scanned onto a computer, and

digitally-coloured, using a graphics package.


The attention to detail is what I love about this artwork, which is why I decided to make it personalisable. Not only can I add

your family name, but also characters to symbolise each family member, in hair-style & fashion- including facial hair & glasses!

Items of meaning to a family can hide in the branches- e.g. your daughter's special doll can be replicated closely; a dad's cherished road bike can lean against the trunk; or even a son could be proudly wearing his favourite footy team's kit …"The world is your oyster", as they say..!


Wheelchair-users can also be symbolised, as well as skin-colour being adaptable, and pets incorporated (as far as possible!) so that everyone one can be included in The You Tree.


I believe this is what makes these pieces of art so special ... and I hope you'll agree.


Jo X

Hi, I'm Jo Greenwood,



Having always loved illustrated children's books, I'd tried drawing my own cartoons since I was little, but never quite developed a style that worked for me! With only GCSE level Art, creativity was put on hold for many years to follow University studies and a career with families and children.


After the birth of my daughter, I returned to work gradually, to my preferred interests. Firstly I was a sales rep for a children's books publisher, and set up a handmade greetings card home business...


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